The best camera is the one in your hand

I have been using a DSLR for almost 10 years until I got an iPhone 6. I did have an iPhone 4 but it wasn't good enough to overlook my DSLR. If I had known that the iPhone 6's camera would be this good, I probably wouldn't have upgraded my Canon Rebel XTi to a T5i a couple of years ago. I haven't used my camera in a year... What a waste of money..  However, I'll save that camera for print and HD videos. I don't do studio photography because I feel you can't quite see how the jewelry pieces really look with a human eye and not lights and effects. I don't edit the photographs much except for contrast and brightness.  I think for simple web view of natural light photographs, your iPhone is good enough. 


Open The Doors of Perception

paul lehr scifi art
scifi artSteve R Dodd. 'Starmaker'

Not really sure what genre of art this is. This style seems part psychedelic, part 70's sci-fi,retrofuturism, comicbook and surrealism. Whatever it is, it is leading me to another galaxy,an otherworld. 


'Cause at the end of the day they all wanna...All wanna be a hero.Everyone just wants to feel important in life.Thing is, no matter how important they are, there's always gonna be someone more important.People get so uptight about that."Oh, no, they're better than me".It's like, god, they don't realize --important doesn't matter.It's confidence. When confidence breaks into the room...It wins every single time.Doesn't matter if it's real or pulling it straight out of their ass.People are dumb.They don't know the difference.

-Edge of Seventeen (2016)


A Visual Mood Board by Rachel Nguyen

 I haven't seen anything like it by a blogger. Maybe in an art show, but unfortunately I'm not surrounded by this kind of art. Very beautiful video visual mood board by That's Chic. I tried to look up more, but seems like she is the only one for now


Acceptable In The 80s

Remember when drug paraphernalia was classy as f? Me neither. But before the criminalization of drugs by the people who enjoyed them as teens (thanks boomers); high-end drug paraphernalia made of precious metals and leather good was sold on Fifth Ave to models, executives, designers, and the list goes on.