The store formerly known as LARONJE

BLK and NOIR was formerly known as LARONJE and has great success, but before it became too successful we decided to change the name because it was interfering with the owner's name and professional photography. We are the same store however!

Here is a bio from our website:

BLK and NOIR was born a year ago under the name LARONJ.E. In November 2012, a creative and executive decision was made by its owner to give it a new name; one that could create a brand seperate from herself and her artistic process of photography.
BLK + NOIR presents edgy and eccentric jewelry that is filled with luxe and class. We present collective jewelry to everyone from thelight and frilly to the dark and twisted. We provide not only women's jewelry but men and unisex jewelry.
BLK + NOIR is a high fashion jewelry shop influenced by current fashion trends, films, celebrities, music, magazines, history, books, mythology, fashion blogs, strangers, other cultures and artistic inspirations.
Stay tuned to on this journey. It will be very much worth it :-).

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