The Minimalist Collection by BLK and Noir

Minimalism is stripping away of unimportant features and showing only the true essence of an object, place, person or thing. Less is more is the coined phrase for the minimalist aesthetic because of its simple and clean designs.  Minimalism and modernism are cousins and often confused however I don't think its so bad to mix them. They still deviate from traditional style whether its minimalist jewelry or a modern home. Minimalism may seem like sensory deprivation to those who don't see the beauty in simplicity.

 Our collection that is constantly growing contacts the absence of stones and obvious embellishments. One of our customers favorites from the Minimalist Collection is Gold/Silver Cage Ring The Cage ring is available in silver or gold. Gold/Silver Cage Ring design is influenced by the ceilings in Washington D.C's 246 year old metro system. The concrete ceiling pattern in the Metro is absolutely delightful and symmetrical. The geometric square shapes have a sort of light peaking through, at first glance ---seeing it for the first time, it is quite overwhelming. This ring is what it would be like to remove those ceilings and wear it on your body. If one was to draw it and changed it to wearable form, The Cage Ring is it.  The architecture of D.C's metro was created by Chicago's Harry Weese who was inspired by 20th century modern architecture.

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