Daenerys Targayen Style and Jewelry

The Mother of Dragons, with her long flowing bleach blonde hair and un-burnable skin... Her ways are fair but punishment is swift and laced with fire and blood.What would Daenerys Targayen of the Stormborn Throne wear? A lot of our jewelry is influenced by the Mother of Dragons. And I know you can see her wearing some of these items!

"Akasha" Long Arm Cuff $20

The Akasha Long Arm Cuff is a large arm cuff that is about 4-5 inches long.. I suppose you could wear it as an upper arm cuff or simply on your arm. Its best to push it up to fit , and usually doesn't regular lots of other jewelry as its enough of an #armparty along! This bracelet very ancient (not vintage) looking, as if it could have been in the Game of Thrones or one was to go fishing for tribal jewelry in a foreign country this would be it!

Chaos" Crystal Quartz Necklace

This raw clear quartz necklace I believe it is up Daenerys ally, as it is a natural healing stone (rock) and fire is one of the activating elements to open a crystal's energy

A snake is not a dragon (well obviously because dragons are not real, or maybe we just never seen one in modern times) but is quite similar with serpentine or reptilian traits. However the translation of the term dragon is a  "huge serpent" aka huge snake.

Tune into HBO on March 31 for season 3 of Game of Thrones (its best you do season 1 + 2 first if you haven't already you won't be disappointed!

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