Kiss of the Damned Review

Remember when I talked about this movie coming out? Well its finally on VOD and like a giggly school girl I ordered it immediately! And I'm back with the results!

I loveddddd it! It was visually stimulating, funky soundtrack,vibrant colors and I love the direction it took. It was quite a nostalgic arthouse film. It makes me want to rethink my jewelry selections for the store a bit, maybe I will take more of an interest in the vintage style of jewelry. It also makes me want to explore different fashion styles, because whoever the wardrobe stylist was on this filmed picked amazing pieces, even the simplest outfits stood out to me. Kiss of the Damned was Parisian class meets Retro Goth converses with classic European 70s Horror and has dinner with the New Age ---a mix of the old and new. I never heard of Xan Cassavettes before this but I am pretty much hooked on what ever she does next. This film often reminded me of Dario Argento (Suspiria) and Jean Rollin films with the mixture of blood, gore, erotica (sounds like fun right?) and even the sound effects.

Kiss of the Damned is about a French classy vamp named Djuna who meets an American screenwriter named Paolo. They fall instantly and it doesn't take the long before they are going to be together,forever. Everything is going blissfully until her sister Mimi shows up... Mimi represents the dark allure that the "good monsters" in this film wish to avoid to insure the longevity in their species. A important question in the film ponders that the vampires must answer about their existence:

"Does the existence of Dr.Jerkyll make Mr.Hyde any less of a monster?"

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