There Is Beauty In Simplicity.

As I brainstorm to add more items to "The Minimalist" jewelry collection, I get inspired by imagery like art and photographs, music and films.

Tons of the imagery can be found on from fashion bloggers like Ivania Carpio from Love Aesthetics or Tumblr blogs like Concept Noir  Even with minimalism I get the feeling for futuristic dystopian society blogs like N E U R O M Æ N C E R, where only the sleek line of negative amongst building exists, in spite of a world flooded with sadness.
by Alisdair Miller

Then there is the imagery of architecture which I touched on before when I was speaking of the Cage Ring, inspired by the Washington DC subway train stations. (I'll do another post on minimalistic architecture)

The films ---I feel that films can take you anywhere.. Films are great escapism for those who are far too aware of reality. I think the best most recent forms of minimalism is the American version of Girl With the Dragon Tattoo directed by David Fincher. You may not notice at first but everyone in the film in wearing black and everything from the snow to the buildings are either grey or white.
source: WeHeartIt

 Is there such a thing as minimalistic music? I suppose. As a person with Synesthesia  (I see colors when I hear music), I can't help but see white, black and negative space with certain music...Along with music from groups like How To Destroy Angels (Trent Reznor) and XEO3 (Persia White) that I see geometric shapes such as squares, hexagons and triangles. I hope to incorporate those shapes, those visions of sounds, and those films as I continue to create and curate our signature collection at BLK and Noir Jewelry.

XEO3-Space Between
HDA-The Space in Between

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