Moon of my life...

my sun and stars....
if you don't know that quote then you've been missing out!

The Silver Vintage Style Crescent Moon Necklace is the most recent item in the store. It is a nice vintage style 70s crescent moon. This dainty crescent moon is silver plated over brass and comes on 16" thing silver plated chain . I am starting to become more in love with astrology; well I always was but now its re-manifesting. The moon is a a powerful symbol. It may not get as much attention as the sun (as  the sun pretty much illuminates the  moon.) As beings one you can either to be slaves to the sun or servants to the moon, I pick the moon! The moon is the mirror to the sun , and represents the gathering knowledge but taking more careful way of learning.The moon is usually associated with the female essence (moons have 30 day cycles), water (moon tides),  and the most popular in pop culture ---wolves. Tarot says that pulling the Moon card means feeling fear, believing illusions, stimulating the imagination and feeling bewildered but only to do those who fear the dark and the moon. For those who don't, the moon is the light that guides you through your darkest times. 

BTW, we also have other moon symbol jewelry too

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