Rhythm 0

Besides jewelry, often on this blog, we talk about humanity in the addition of art. Art is part of the influence when considering certain jewelry pieces with meaning. I had just been aware (like in your face) of Marina Abramovic  as of a couple months ago. I saw a beautiful older woman in one of my favorite magazines and I wondered about her. I didn't know that just a year earlier I had been inspired by one of her performance art pieces. That performance art piece I speak of is known as Rhythm 0. Rhythm 0 was a piece in which Marina Abramovic stood for 6 hours with complete strangers. Before it began she left 72 items for the audience to use to interact with her. Some of the items were perfume, flowers --innocent and nice things, but she also left the bad things. The bad things such as razors, weapons and even a loaded pistol with one bullet. One would think that the audience would offer her only the nice things because as humans like to think that's what most people would do...but it wasn't... Initially, people did put things on her like flowers but as time went on people carried her around for fun around the museum, cut open her clothes with the razors and even cut her neck with the razor and licked her blood. Terrible isn't it? But then it went a step forward, someone put the pistol in Marina's hand and put her hand tightly around the trigger, if he had just pressed her index she would have been dead. And without an audience maybe she would have been. This brings me to the human condition of psychology experiences such as the Stanford Prison Experiment and Milgram Experiment : Under the right circumstance, people will do anything to people if they have the power to.

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