Bloggers Who Accept Gifted Items But Who Don’t Do Reviews

I really wish I didn’t have to write this but unfortunately I have. Sometimes we send bloggers jewelry to review and see how they would style it. Not only does it provide exposure but it you can make great connections, let other people try your new items and see if you can improve on something. I have befriended a lot of bloggers who I now talk to every week. It can be really great experience and then sometimes it just isn’t. I sent my items to a blogger who goes by the name of "The Style Playlist" or on Tumblr as "dirtylittlestylewhoree" otherwise known as Courtney Clark. I contacted her because I wanted for her to try out some of my things, I had been following way before I started my store (circa 2009/2010) so I was so excited when she responded back. I took my time and money to make her a package with our most popular pieces and mailed to her in June. She responded that she got it and loved it  and was writing a blog post this weekend! So I was so thrilled for the post to see her styling it with her clothes, and then nothing happened.. Then a month goes by, then two, then three. I contact her repeatedly through email, through tumblr, anything! trying to find out what happened , maybe she was ill , maybe something happened to her, is she okay? But then I noticed she posts pictures and replies but won’t reply to me. I see other reviews/post for other companies. So I’m left wondering what happened.

I don’t know and probably never will... I give up on trying to contact her. I would have even been satisfied with a response to learn what happened , if something went wrong with the products I sent. Or a no "I'm sorry I'll get to it, hey I have a lot going on." So I suggest if you want to send your items to for her to promo, don’t. And be careful who you send your items to, some people just want free things. I do want to thank the bloggers who request things or accept things and actually follow through with our agreements! But next time I will be more cautious before I contact a blogger just because they are popular.

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