The Lost Girls #1: Juliet Capulet

Why She's A Lost Girl?
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Young, innocent and sweet, she meets the love of her life too early and they are doomed from the start. Their families have quarreled for years and even her love with Romeo can't stop it. They fight through it, trying to make it last but yet there is no hope, except maybe in death. In 1996 film's version of Romeo and Juliet, she takes a potion to appear dead so that she and her Romeo can't escape together. What Juliet didn't expect is he would think her dead, and kill himself too. And as she awakes as he drinks the poison. If only she had woken just a second sooner, they could left and lived happily ever after. But this isn't a fairytale. Alone and mortified, with no poison left to drink, she takes a gun and kills herself to be with him forever.

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