Halloween Day 8,9,10: American Horror Story

See.. I'm already slacking on these posts. Who saw #AHS ? We all did.. And as usual it didn't disappoint. It was as vile, graphic, sexual and sometimes shockingly offensive.. Next season should be called "American Horror Story: Trigger Warning" . This is the season of the witch and I think I speak for everyone to say we miss witches. I mean other shows/movies have tried to give us what we wanted but none will be as good as the 1996's film: The Craft.

The best thing about this episode is that its in my hometown, New Orleans. New Orleans is a place where the living are easily lost, and the dead stick around to play. I miss my schoolgirl days where we learned about Catechism along with Voodoo and about the legendary Marie Laveau, thee Queen of Voodoo (she's also in the show).  So lets hope that Satan's School for Girls gives us what we've been missing. By the way in celebration of season of the witch, please check out our new Flower Pentagram Charm Necklace its apart of The Lost Girl Collection.

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