Recently watched the movie RUN LOLA RUN.. I have been meaning to watch it but never did (as I was about 10 at the time and there was no online way to watch a movie and the movie is made in Germany). However, I'm glad I didn't because it came at the right time. RUN LOLA RUN is about Lola, whose boyfriend accidentally leaves 100k of drug money on a subway train and has to have it delivered by 1pm. He calls his girlfriend, Lola of 1 year to come help him or he's going to rob the grocery store next door in 20 minutes or face dying if he doesn't come up with the money..

In 20 minutes Lola tries to find a way to come up with the money but with enough time to stop him from robbing the store and becoming a criminal or dead... The movie starts and ends in 30 minutes. It ends tragically and you're sitting there like WTF...But then it restarts like a video game, giving Lola a chance to start over and try again.. With every new try every time she runs into someone on the way to help her boyfriend Manny changes their fate.. Its kind of strange how even just bumping into someone can change your entire life.. On the first try she bumps into a lady who then goes on to steal a baby because she couldn't have one of her own, but in the second try when Lola just quickly runs pass her, she decides to go to the store instead and buys a winning lottery ticket and becomes a happy millionaire.

Lola's choices not only effects the people she runs or not runs into but also who Manny runs into or not runs into. This is the butterfly effect, the theory of even something as small as the flutter of a butterfly win can change anything and possibly lead a catastrophe across the earth. Does one control their own destiny or is it forces beyond our control? Do events shape who you become? It can feel like it.

People often wonder, especially after escaping a tragedy they always think about the steps they didn't take that lead to their survival or their escape...You know what I mean, those stories of the lady who decided to smoke a cigarette the exact time a plane crashed into the Twin Towers..Or that woman who let an older woman skip her in the lottery line causing the old woman to win the largest lottery jackpot in history. Or that car in Singapore that decided not to speed up and watched a drunk driver crash into a car right in front of them, or like when I was a little girl, I did something that angered my parents and we decided not to go the restaurant and someone robbed that same place we would have been had a been a good girl that day (close one!).. It makes you imagine if only one thing could have happened differently everything can change your fate and everyone around you.. The thought of that alone is a serious mind fuck ...

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