Humans? Yes Humanity? N...Maybe

This post isn't about jewelry, or music or fashion. This is a philosophical post about random talks about fate and destiny I've had around the studio and the end of the world (pretty heavy stuff huh?)...Its what we talk about when we're not talking about jewelry...

When people talk about the world ending and how bad things are getting, I wonder if they ever look back at history and see that things were never going good. We may have more natural disasters with the advent of global warming but before that there was World War 1 and 2, genocide and bloodshed. When people talk about humanity failing, was humanity ever good? Just because we have a short time of peace and civilization (60-70 years) doesn't mean that 150 years ago slavery didn't happen. 70 years ago Holocaust didn't happen, or just 40 years ago the Vietnam War didn't happen...Disaster, death, trouble, has always been all around us before we were born and after we die. Humanity has always been this way, and just because it wasn't in your front yard and now suddenly is, doesn't mean it had ever stopped. And doesn't mean its just now getting worst and it doesn't mean that now after all these years of self destruction that the world is ending.

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