Daughters of Darkness

Everyday is Halloween for me. Over the past couple of weeks, I have lucked upon Giallo films, which lead to erotic horror films of the past. Giallo films are from an era of Italian films that favored style over substance but became cult classics. Erotic thrillers and horror films similar to that style are quite similar. How I came to watch this movie was through a suggestion and because I recognized one of the main characters through my favorite TV shows, Dark Shadows. Servant to Barnabus Collins(head vampire in charge), Willie Loomis played by John Karlen costars in this vampire horror film known as The Daughters of Darkness(1971) or Les Levres Rouges. Not to be confused with Vampyres: Daughters of Darkness(1974); which I also accidentally watched, thinking it was the previous film. This film is just beautiful reds, interiors,fashion, and glamour.

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