What is this? Halloween? I have been in a horror mood for the last couple of weeks. From 80's horror synthwave to 70's horror erotica to UFO's to horror comics. This interest was sparked by the show I'm currently binging, Dark Shadows ( I have like 600 episodes left, it's taken about 2 years to get to episode 800). Anyways, I saw this funny but ghoulish comic photo on 
stranger mysteries comic #11

 Ben Von Strawn's Instagram and had to find it. It is from this 1950's horror comic called 
 Each issue has about 3-4 stories. I just imagine how exciting and terrifying at the 
time it was published and especially for youth. Sadly, I don't get those fun fear feelings anymore.
I use to get as a kid (jaded) but I still enjoy trying.

What I am also most excited about is this new comic coming out called Gothic Tales of Haunted Love. They have a kickstarter going,the great thing about this new book is it features lots of diversity of races and orientations, something vintage gothic romance comics didn't have. My two favorite things wrapped up together HORROR and LOVE. 

 Gothic things remind me how my store was when I first started it. I wanted it to be a dark,romantic and modern jewelry store. I have fallen off the mark trying please people, because it pays the bills. I want to go back though, maybe I can revamp the shop. Who knows?

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